Artiste : ,
Titre : Nha dor
Genre : Zouk
Année : 2004
Langue : Portugais, Anglais
Infos :

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I gave you so much time to let you a day
Have a decision
Remembered I got to wait but you left me
Without a reason
I was in Cabo Verde summer time, It was so cool!
When I met U my heart understood.
U know! I wanna call you so as to have a sign
By Waiting like this I'll be so mad, mad
Won't have enough time,
No I can't stay calm
I'm crazy about you, you're the man of my life

Tinha tempo de magia
Periudo de nostalgia
Boy I miss you, I really need you
No I can't stand anymore to be away from you, No
Mas nunca bô ta sai de nha coração
Wan't U be mine Baby, for the rest of your life

AI AMOR, AMOR Um gosta so dibô
AI AMOR, NHA DOR Mim tem falta dibô
Bo que tud nha vida
Nha dor

Oh boy no man like U can give me this kind
Of caress, of caress
I should have done anything to become
Ur princess, Ur princess
Espera mim è so di bô
Ouh, I wish I could be perto di bô
Do you, want to be mine and change the sense of your life
Come to a decision, Baby give us a try
Let's have a date
For a day
To decide
If U and I
For a life, Change your mind
If I don't know I will die

Mas m' kre que bô ser dimeu baby por eternidad
Nha dor, mi ta fica ku dor
Mas bôtem qui pensa que Baby tempo ta passa
I must be resigned to see, that U'll never become my man
My Baby
The story ends like this, I don't wanna loose you
Esse é um canção de nha dor